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ASA’s First Regional Meeting Held in Shenzhen, ChinaASA’s First Regional Meeting Held in Shenzhen, China Last week ASA held its first ever regional Asian Affiliate & Instructors meeting in Shenzhen, China.  Over two dozen ASA Instructors and Affiliate representatives...

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Hands Across the Sea Caribbean Getaway SweepstakesHands Across the Sea Caribbean Getaway Sweepstakes Win a caribbean bareboat charter or tropical vacation... and help improve the lives of children in the Caribbean! Join the ASA/Hands Across the Sea Caribbean Getaway...

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ASA Unveils Innovative TextbookASA Unveils Innovative Textbook ASA's brand new textbook, Bareboat Cruising Made Easy, has just been released to national acclaim. The updated manual of ASA’s bareboat cruising standard is designed to...

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Sailing Fun for KidsSailing Fun for Kids Sailing is more fun with family and friends, so why not get your kids on the water on your next Caribbean vacation? The American Sailing Association is excited to debut the...

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What you can do with your ASA sailing credentialsWhat you can do with your ASA sailing credentials Many prospective students ask us why getting certified is so important. Couldn't they pick up the same valuable sailing skills without passing a course and receiving a certificate?...

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Dinghy Sailing vs. Yacht SailingDinghy Sailing vs. Yacht Sailing The kind of boat you choose to sail will define your relationship with the sport as a whole. Like wind and weather conditions, the boat is one part of the entire sailing experience....

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Combine Sailing Lessons With an International VacationCombine Sailing Lessons With an International Vacation Vacations are for rejuvenation and exploration, right? So why not one-up all the normal resort-goers and take sailing lessons at your vacation destination this summer! Sailing...

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Sailing is a Great Way to Spend Quality Time with your FamilySailing is a Great Way to Spend Quality Time with your... Whether you have a six-year-old son or a sixteen-year-old daughter, sailing is a wonderful bonding experience that everyone in the family will enjoy. Next time you suggest...

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When it Comes to Your Sailing Education, You're the Boss!When it Comes to Your Sailing Education, You're the... One of the most important parts of beginning your sailing education is finding the right sailing school. Every individual has different strengths, weaknesses, needs, and ideal...

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ASA in Croatia: Medieval Mysteries This is a story about ASA's 2012 Croatia Flotilla. For more info on upcoming ASA sailing flotillas, click here. Sailors (and tourists of all kinds) have beaten a well-worn...

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Spotlight on Sailing in New York

Category : Schools

Tsailing liberty statuehe Bronx is up, and the Battery’s down. But in the great state of New York, there’s sailing in every direction. While perhaps not as strongly associated with sailing culture as some of the nearby Eastern seaboard states, New York is actually a huge sailing destination, offering a ton of variety. Just pick the kind of sailing you’re into (Open ocean? Wide bay? Serene rivers and lakes?) and then find an ASA sailing school nearby!

Back to Basics

Category : Standards

green water and teak railGet these sailing basics under your belt with ASA 101, and you’ll be a qualified small boat skipper!

The most popular sailing course available, ASA 101: Basic Keelboating is an introduction to the essential skills every sailor needs. By the time your course is over, you’ll be able to take command of your own vessel in the 20-27 foot range.

1. Sailing Lingo
Learn what to call the parts of the boat (and what they do), the points of sail, how to give commands to the crew, and all the key terms used to describe the wind and sea conditions. Not only will you understand what your fellow sailors are talking about, you can also impress your friends with your salty ways!

2. Navigation
You’ll get a grip on the “rules of the road”: When to change course, who has the right-of-way when approaching another ship, and what all the markers and buoys on the water mean. You’ll learn to set a course, steer the boat, and get where you’re trying to go by tacking and gybing.

3. Safety
Perhaps the most important sailing basic of all. What safety equipment is on board? How do you use a lifejacket or PFD? What do you do if someone falls overboard? These questions will be answered by your ASA certified instructor, and you’ll get the practice and familiarity needed to feel confident and safe when you’re sailing.
sail and sun ASA
4. Leaving and Returning to the Dock
Maneuvering a boat in close quarters (such as a marina) can seem intimidating. After all, there are no brakes! But a big part of ASA 101 is learning how to depart the dock and return to it. After all, as great as it is to sail, you can’t do it all the time!

5. Knots
Every sailor worth his or her salt knows the basic knots that are commonly used on a boat. Why is it important to know your knots? You don’t have to be a walking knot encyclopedia, but some get used all the time onboard, for everything from securing the boat on the dock to flying your ASA flag! For more info, see our blog on essential knots.

These are just a few of the sailing basics you’ll get when you take ASA 101 from your local sailing school. So check the list for your area, and your sailing life can begin now!