Sailing Schools in Your Area

You don't have to be within driving distance of the San Francisco Bay Area to take advantage of premium opportunities. In fact, you don't even have to live in a coastal state to take full advantage of some of the finest sailing schools in the nation. The ASA is proud to maintain comprehensive instruction opportunities in almost every state. You might be very surprised to learn how close you are to a school where you can learn keelboat basics, hone and develop your advanced skills and even earn your ASA certification.

Please take time to use to find the schools in your area, and consider becoming a member of ASA. Members receive many great benefits, including special discounts on courses at ASA affiliated facilities throughout North America.

Supplemental Materials for ASA Courses

If you're planning on enrolling in one of our ASA classes, be sure to carefully review all of the instructions and requirements. Many courses at our sailing schools require the purchase of specific texts, charts, maps and multimedia resources.

If you find that your selected course has such requirements, we encourage you to explore the ASA Store by using the link at the top of the site. You'll find a comprehensive selection of texts, DVDs and other great learning materials. Even if some items aren't mandated for the classes you plan to take, we're confident that you'll find them to be interesting and helpful in your pursuit of greater and more confident abilities.

While in the ASA Store, you can even pick up a few items like Chronograph watches, fleece pullovers, lapel pins and hats to show your support and enthusiasm for the ASA.

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