Several Sailing Classes Available Now

If you're eager and ready to dive right into the sailing world, is the ideal place to start. The first step to finding sailing classes near you is to follow the Find a Sailing School link at the top of the main page. Then select your state from the map or available list, or use the appropriate link if you're seeking courses located outside of the United States. Finally, you'll be able to browse a comprehensive list of ASA affiliated schools where students of all skill levels can learn how to sail. Just follow the links from the list to the specific school nearest you and learn more about that program's course catalog, calendar and enrollment procedures.

Learn How to Sail Today

It doesn't matter if you've never been on a sailing vessel before in your life; you can enroll in the ASA's Basic Keelboat Sailing 101 at an affiliate school near you. This basic beginner's course is a fully comprehensive introduction that will help you learn how to sail safely and with extreme confidence. In fact, you'll skipper a boat on your very first day of class at most schools.

Under the direct tutelage of a highly experienced and ASA certified instructor, you'll quickly come to understand all of the principles required to enjoy this sport to the fullest. And the best part is that all of our sailing classes are provided at affordable rates, with additional discount opportunities for ASA members available at many schools. Find your closest school by following the steps in the section above.

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