Sailing Certification Programs Near You

For more than 25 years, the ASA has been hard at work to make sailing education and training accessible to absolutely everyone interested in sailing as a sport or as a recreational hobby. But we've also placed a large focus on illustrating just how fun, relaxing and exciting it can be to learn to sail.

Just like any other sport, ours offers amazing benefits for the mind, body and soul. And earning your sailing certification through the ASA is not difficult or expensive, as many of our members were surprised to learn.

Though sailing has a reputation as being a hobby enjoyed primarily by the wealthy, the truth is that it is enjoyed by people of every age, race and socioeconomic status. Boat ownership is not a prerequisite to enrolling in sailing classes, as there are numerous nonprofit sail clubs that make boat access easy and affordable.

We hope you take plenty of time to take a tour of and to read the rest of our articles; you're sure to learn about all that the world of sailing has in store for you.

Fun Sailing Classes Enrolling Now

Regardless of whether you're an experienced sailor looking to learn a few new tips and tricks or you've never boarded a sailboat in your life, the ASA has several learning opportunities designed just for you. We are the first organization in the US to offer sailing classes for certification, and we continue to lead the sailing education industry by offering a wide range of course opportunities in numerous key markets.

If you're eager to get started on the path to education and certification, follow the Learn to Sail link at the top of the page. You'll find information on some of our courses, standards and sailing certification opportunities in the navigation bar along the left side of the Learn to Sail page. Be sure to use the Find a Sailing School link to locate the schools and courses nearest you or your next vacation destination.