Rules of the Road Answers

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Question 1:

A. Incorrect: This is the fog signal for an idle vessel of 100 meters or more in length, at anchor.
B. Correct Answer: This is the correct fog signal for a vessel for a vessel restricted in her ability to maneuver, underway or at anchor, regardless of her length. Vessels are considered to be restricted in their ability to maneuver, while at anchor, if they are attending to the maintenance of a navigation mark, submarine cable, or pipeline; or if they are engaged in dredging, surveying, or conducting underwater operations. These vessels, while constrained, are required to sound the same fog signal that would be sounded while underway.
C. Incorrect: The sounding of a fog signal of one prolonged blast followed by three short blasts is required for a manned vessel being towed. If more than one vessel is being towed, the last vessel of the tow, and only if it is manned, will sound this signal. The sounding of this signal will be at intervals not to exceed two minutes, which may include being sounded at more frequent intervals, such as once every minute.
D. Incorrect: This is a variation of the statement as shown above. The indicated fog signal is to be sounded by a manned vessel being towed. When practicable, this signal shall be made immediately after the signal is sounded by the towing vessel. These vessels may sound their signals more frequently than once every two minutes, but the increased frequency is not required

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