About American Sailing Association

In the thirty years since ASA began certifying sailing instructors and students to international standards, a number of other organizations have created similar programs.

Here's why we believe ASA is your best choice.

  • Over 300 professional sailing schools around the world use the ASA system.
  • ASA membership represents about 85% of the viable, commercial sailing schools in the U.S.
  • ASA is the standard for sailing education in the US and increasingly elsewhere in the world.
  • ASA has had a functioning, nationwide keelboat program since 1983.
  • ASA has certified nearly 7,500 professional sailing instructors.
  • ASA has certified more than 454,400 sailing students.
  • ASA is the only certifying organization which has adopted an instructor code of ethics.
  • ASA has a complete, functioning 7 level keelboat program, multihull courses, small boat program plus radar, celestial, weather and docking endorsements.
  • ASA certification is recognized by major charter boat companies as well as other ASA facilities around the world.
  • Philosophically ASA and its schools believe sailing is safe, fun and easy to learn. It's only complicated and intense if those teaching it choose to present it that way. We don't.